The Holy Quran is the world’s best book of Allah Almighty on earth at any given period. It has the highest guidance and mercy for all humanity, especially for adults. Among its rights, one of the most basic and first rights is that it should be recited with the exception of sound wording and necessary rules of tajweed.

To fulfill this need, we are providing the best online Quran classes for adults. In our academy, you will be guided by experienced Quran teachers that facilitate you to learn the Quran step by step with the rules of Tajweed and essential Islamic knowledge.

It is a kind of online academy through which you can get religious education by enrolling in various Quran learning courses at home. Its unique feature is that you can choose the class timings you wish. One of their characteristics is that male teachers teach the students, and female teachers teach female students. These academies also provide trial classes for new students so that students can assess their teaching skills.


We are providing different courses, especially for adults. With the help of these courses, you will find a way to keep yourself connected with Allah. Our Academy offers Online Quran classes for adults is the task of teaching the Quran online. You can study Quran from any place and country around the world. Finding a good source of Quran learning in non-Muslim countries is challenging. Therefore, reading and teaching Quran online has become the easiest way.

Online Academy provides excellent educational opportunities for adults and new Muslims according to Islamic rules. Now students in any country can learn to read the Quran within their schedule and timetable. Parents can now see their children learning Quran right before their eyes. Our Quran classes for adults are divided into three main groups:

  • Quran For Beginners
  • Quran Tajweed Course
  • Quran Memorization


This course helps students to take a start easily. The Ehsan Academy offers online Quran classes for beginners with the Basic knowledge of Arabic letters and Harakat (vowels) is given to beginners. Our online Quran tutors work on the basics of students at this level. After graduating from this course, you can read Quran in short sentences. Also, the students can learn basic Arabic and the pronunciation of the alphabet in our academy.

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For ordinary people who don’t study in an authentic educational institution, if they take some time out of their business activities and start online Quran classes for adults, then it is beneficial thing for them that they memorize the literal translation of the words of the Holy Quran but the group who has devoted the best time of their lives to learning will study all the basic sciences and arts of Islamic education and the Arabic language in online classes for years and years and will have high knowledge in the future.


This course provides a facility to learn Quran online for adults with Tajweed. You will learn the Tajweed rules from basic to advance level. You will come to know how to pronounce the words. As the Qur’an was revealed in the Arabic language, it is necessary to read it in the Arabic language so that the terms of the Qur’an are read with correct accuracy and to avoid confusion in the meaning. To fulfill this need, our academy has arranged tajweed courses for adults. Once you understand all the Tajweed rules, you can recite the Holy Quran in a beautiful voice, and you will never be confused about your recitation of the Holy Quran.


To establish an effective relationship between you and Allah, you must be able to memorize the Qur’an, which involves spiritual, physical, and mental exercise. This course might take longer depending on the student’s memorization ability. Our Quran tutors will schedule a plan for the student and guide them in managing their work. In the beginning, students might find it difficult, but once he starts, they will enjoy the journey with Quran.

Quran memorization classes explore the best way students can memorize Quran with high precision and accuracy in the shortest possible time. These classes focus on teaching students how to memorize the Holy Quran quickly and accurately in a short period. We will help you to memorize the Quran and save it in your heart for a lifetime. When someone completes memorizing the Qur’an, he is formally given a certificate. After this, you can also recite the Holy Quran in Namaz or Taraveeh with a beautiful voice and proper Tajweed.

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There are specific criteria for Quran Tutors in our academy. Our academy has arranged for many scholars to teach Quran effectively to the students. While hiring any tutors, our requirements are:

  • Certificates that validate their knowledge of the Quran and Tajweed
  • Strong Academic background
  • Command over the English language
  • Having at least 5 Years of experience in teaching with a five-star rating.
  • Ability to engage with each student in class
  • Perfect in Qirat


Online Quran classes for adults are very practical for adults because there is no time limit for students to learn Quran. He can manage all his work efficiently, along with online Quran teaching-learning. Students are not restricted to a specific time. We have a group of teachers that are available at different times. You can set your time according to your ease.


The teacher handles Every student separately so that the teacher can pay complete attention to each student. The teaching method and exegesis of the Holy Qur’an in our academy bring diverse educational and religious benefits to the students. They learn the literal and idiomatic meaning of the Holy Qur’an. They begin to understand the words and phrases of the Holy Qur’an and, to some extent, become aware of their literal, syllabic, and syntactical interpretation.

By reading the translation and interpretation of the Holy Qur’an and the commentary, they acquire the ability to directly understand and study its text and benefit from the Qur’anic rulings and sayings. Therefore, due to these many advantages, many online Quran classes for adults and kids are continued in all our small and big schools, and all scholars and teachers agree on its usefulness.


Many girls avoid online Quran classes only because a female teacher is not available for them. This problem has also been solved in our academy. For females, we provide the best Female Quran tutors so that females also enjoy a comfortable environment and can continue their journey with the Holy Quran. In this way, along with the teaching of the Qur’an, special care is taken for female students in our academy. It is because Quran learning is also important for girls as for boys. Learning the Quran is obligatory for every Muslim, including girls, boys, children, and old age people.

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To get knowledge about our best online Quran classes for adults, we are offering free trial classes. Many students hire online tutors, but they are not satisfied. To solve this problem, trials are provided to the students in our academy. In this way, they approach different teachers, and the teacher with whom they are satisfied, they start learning from him. Students can assess the expertise of their teacher and can choose their favorite teacher. In these trials, you can clear all your doubts and quickly decide on a course to enroll in.


The most significant advantage of online Quran classes for adults is that you don’t have to go anywhere to learn Quran, but you can learn Quran anytime at home. If you want to equip your children with online Quran education at home, visit the online academy website today and enroll in the course you want to study.

If the sentiment of learning the Quran does not arise in one’s heart, it means that he has not recognized the true value of the Qur’an. As a believer learns the Qur’an, he understands what the Qur’an demands of him. Only after learning the Quran can it be possible to follow its teachings and become a better human being.

1-Who can join our academy?
Our academy is specially designed to teach the adults of our society. There is no gender restriction for online Quran classes for adults.

2-What does Quran say about learning?
Much emphasis has been placed on learning in the Qur’an. It has even been said that you should learn from the mother’s lap to the grave for your whole life.

3-Is there any time limit for learning Quran?
No, there is no time limit for Quran learning in our academy. If a student has completed the Quran, he may start again and revise the whole.

4-Why should you learn Quran?
Quran itself emphasizes reading, learning, and memorization of the Quran. It is obligatory for every Muslim to recite the Holy Quran and make it a routine in daily life.

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