Best Way to Learn Quran Memorization For Kids


Memorizing the Quran with tajweed is one of the most important means by which Allah has arranged to protect the Holy Quran. Memorizing the Qur’an is such a great blessing that it is difficult to imagine its rewards.

Narrated Abu Hurairah:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “The one who memorized the Qur’an shall come on the Day of Judgement and (the reward for reciting the Qur’an) says: ‘O Lord! Decorate him.” So he is donned with a crown of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Give him more!’ So he is donned with a suit of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Be pleased with him.’ So He is pleased with him and says: “Recite and rise, and be increased in reward with every Ayah.'” [Reference: Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2915]


Many people have the desire to make their kids memorize the Quran, but when this desire is implemented, many challenges have to be faced. Since the strong desire of the parents is not yet included in the child’s desire and planning, often kids show stubbornness, rebellious behavior,}+ and disgust. Even if some kids show interest and attraction, most of the kids start memorizing in terms of the age at which it can be called the decision and dream of their parents, which becomes necessary for them to fulfill. During this stage of memorization, different stages can be assessed by those whose kids have memorized or are doing it.


First of all, there is no age limit for memorizing the Qur’an or reciting the Qur’an. The second very important thing is understanding the Holy Quran, practicing it, and contributing to conveying its message, these are the tasks regarding which we will be questioned in the hereafter and the life of this world. These will also cause us to remain on the right path.

If the memorization of the Qur’an is limited to fulfilling a duty, obtaining blessings, or expressing pride, once the tradition of memorization is completed, the suffix of Hafiz will be attached to the name throughout life, but the Qur’an will not be fulfilled in practice. If it is done, it will be considered as our incompetence and unfamiliarity with the message of the Qur’an.

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Thirdly, preserving the Holy Quran in the heart and mind is a sunnah, a blessing, a miracle. The fourth thing is whether the child should be memorized or not, it can be decided based on the child’s ability.


The first work: Before proceeding in this direction, a discussion between the parents, coordination, and agreement to jointly face the difficulties arising out of this responsibility. If it is the father’s wish, then the mother should also know that you have to set the routine of the house according to it.

If the mother wishes, then the father should facilitate other responsibilities and help the housewife concerning the house. One or both of the parents will have to share responsibilities such as fetching, taking the child, contacting his teachers or school, and helping him to revise his lessons at home.

Second work: Choose a good seminary or teacher by taking care of. Either do not send to institutions or teachers that do not have good reviews or make sure you are satisfied. Beating is not a condition for memorization and discipline.

The third work: If the child is young, tell him and celebrate with him that he is starting to do such a beautiful thing. If there is an older child, then find out his will, tell him the benefits, and encourage him, instead of forcing this decision on him.

If there is a young child, i.e. he is of primary school age, which is the best age? In such a case, the child should be removed from school and tutored at home by a good teacher who can teach mathematics, English. And teach science so that they do not fall behind in terms of school education. Otherwise, there are Islamic institutes as well as providing school education, you can join them.

It is not appropriate for an older child who is in his teenage years to miss school altogether, but it may be that he must go to school, but he should not be overburdened with studies during the years of retention. However, parents can decide this only after discussing it with the child.

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During memorization, kids get sleepy, tired, and forgetful. Although there is no proof of this, whispers from the devil seduce kids. Kids who go to institutes get bored with the strict routine there and if they never meet good friends, they also learn bad manners. Since the parents are in this mood that if somehow memorized, they reprimand the child without understanding the feelings and emotions, then the kids become stubborn and do acts that insult the parents.


All members of the family have to sacrifice for the memorization procedure of the child. If the whole family puts the child in a laborious routine of memorization and wakes up late at night, there are occasional parties, there is shouting and dirt all the time in the house, then it is difficult for the child to focus and he will remain distracted. Keep a clean and quiet place for the child to sleep so that he can get enough sleep. While memorizing his lessons, there should be no noise or any kind of distraction in that place. It is important to sleep on time at night and nap for some time during the day.

Recitation of the Quran in front of the Child: Young children often imitate their mother’s movements and gestures and mother’s bowing and prostration, if recited frequently in front of the child, this action will surely become beloved for the child. Later this action of the mother will help the child to memorize, more That the blessings of recitation will bring good to the whole house and the whole family, of course, we cannot measure the excellence of recitation and its reward.

Plan Best Food for Kids: The food and drink of the child should be taken care of, such foods should be given to him which can increase his mental health and focus. For example Milk, egg, dry fruits, vegetables, etc. A nutritionist can be consulted about this.

Plan Best Exercise for Kids: Kids during memorization do the same task very hard and often have to sit and repeat it for long hours which makes them mentally and physically tired so any physical exercise is good for them like swimming, running, jogging, Hiking, or any other sports activity.

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Focus on Mental Health: The constant pressure and the thought of living up to expectations can make them anxious, so have some fun outdoor activities for them. It is useful to talk to them lovingly, listen to them, and make them practice mindfulness for some time.

Emotional Health: During studies, the child’s anger increases. Therefore, it is good if the rest of the family also put themselves in his place instead of getting angry and shouting at that child. He can be jealous of other people’s leisure, he can get angry with his teacher or parents, and he can burst out suddenly without understanding many emotions, so people around him need to be emotionally intelligent to support him.


There are phases in which kids announce that they will quit memorizing, spend time instead of memorizing, and bring complaints about the teacher, but in all these the child’s patience is exhausted, you should not be.

Patience – Wait: Remember the word patience will be useful in this journey. Give the child the extremes of love, lovingly and tenderly sitting next to him and explaining things to him, caressing his shoulders, taking him out for a walk, not cursing him, and praying for him by reciting the prayer. Especially recite the Mu’awiztin and give him every breath and teach him.

This phase may come at the very beginning, maybe in the middle, or at the very end. Just don’t panic. But if at the very beginning, the child is completely confused and does not agree at all, then revise the decision or give some time interval.


We think that our son or daughter will take us by the hand and take us to heaven thanks to his meekness, but for that, it is important not to consider this as the destination.

Now the main task is to maintain it and make the child not forget it by revising it and focusing on understanding the Quran. The responsibility of the children never ends for the parents, but it is important to give the child a sense of responsibility before becoming an adult and try to create a love for the Qur’an and religion in his mind because everyone will be responsible for his actions.

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