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I like the classes and the teacher is amazing, it help me memorize half of the Quran, would recommend to others and it’s worth it at the end.

Mohamed Farhan
United States

Professional and knowledgeable

Great teachers want to see their students succeed and are honored to be a mentor. We absolutely love the teachers they are patient, kind, committed and really take the time to help our children. The teaching experience brings so much value to our kids learning journey. My duas will continue for the success of the teachers in this life and the next, we are beyond grateful

Abdullahi Abdi

My personal experience is amazing

My personal experience is amazing the teacher always trys to make the class fun and amazing right now I am memorizing and the teacher makes it an amazing class everyday. He works his hardest each class to provide excellent experience. My overall experience is amazing! I would definitely advise other students that are willing to memorize the Quran this beloved teacher!

Affan Khan
United States

Br. Ahmed is an excellent teacher. He is professional, kind and approachable and my son loves having him as his teacher. He doesn’t make the students feel pressured yet he has this effective approach of encouraging them to challenge themselves and keep getting better. He’s masha’Allah very knowledgeable and employs effective techniques to help his students understand complex rules.


Mahrukh Akhtar
United States

Br. Ahmed is a thorough

Br. Ahmed is a thorough professional, patient teacher. He has gone beyond scope to help my son revise Quran. He makes the student his friend, yet has complete control over the students activities. He’s masha’Allah very humble, intelligent and down to earth teacher. Something that greatly helps students achieve their goals. May Allah give barakah in his endeavors.

Mohammed Ansari